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What Are Zombie Foreclosures?

It seems fitting that on the eve of Halloween we would share a story about 'zombie' foreclosures . . . they're scary . . . just like the monsters . . . only they're real.

So what are 'zombie foreclosures' anyway?  Who comes up with these names?  

Zombie foreclosures are homes that are actively in the foreclosure process that have been vacated by the homeowners.  This means that nobody is maintaining them or taking responsibility for them, and they (in most cases) become a real problem (very scary) in a neighborhood.  Of course, it is the goal of he lender to have the property responsibly passed off from the owner to the broker who will eventually list it so it can be maintained until the foreclosure process is completed, but in these highly volatile and emotional situations, that just doesn't always happen.

What Should You Pay Attention to when Buying an Older Home?

We love older homes!  They are often built with high-quality, custom materials and have loads of character.  We have many older homes in our area, appreciate them, and sell them every day.  

If you're planning to purchase an older home, there are a few things you should pay attention to.  You should always attend the home inspection yourself so you can see what the inspector sees, ask questions, and get maintenance tips along the way.  To learn what the experts have to say, read the article by Jay Gregg.

Ask the Expert: What Should I Pay Attention to when Buying an Older Home? - Today’s “Ask the Expert” column features Jay Gregg, the Director of Marketing with Pillar To Post Home Inspectors. Q: What are some of the most common defects to be mindful of when buying an older home? And what should be considered when preparing an older home for inspection? A: There’s something about older buildings that […] [Daily Real Estate News]

New-Home Sales Highest Since 2008

Nationally, new home sales are up significantly, which is great news.  Locally we have seen many more new homes being built in Mahoning County. Some of the existing developments have begun to sprout new homes, new developments have been started, and certain pockets (for instance around Lake Evans) have seen a flurry of activity.

We are also seeing increased traffic and more serious inquiries from buyers interested in building a home. Check out some new construction homes that are ready or almost ready for a new family.  

New-Home Sales Surge to 6-Year High -  Sales of new single-family homes soared 18 percent in August, as greater confidence in the recovery swept across the housing industry, despite... [NAR Daily News]