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What Mortgage Options are Available That Fit You Best?

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has a new website with new tools to help home buyers understand the mortgage process, what interest rates are available for borrowers in similar situations, and how to shop around to find the best financing program for your needs.

Learn how your choice of mortgage affects the amount you’ll pay, what options are best for your situation, and how to get the best deal.  Learn more about loan options here.

Use their new tool to check interest rates for your unique situation.  

The CFPB website is a good place to start when learning about buying and financing a home.  Of course, we're here to help with all your questions, so contact us anytime for assistance.

Dave Klacik Named Ohio Association of REALTORS® Director at Large

Congratulations to Dave Klacik for being named 2015 Ohio Association of REALTORS® Director at Large!

Dave was hand picked by the President of the Ohio Association of REALTORS® for one of only five OAR Director at Large positions for the year 2015.  This is a high honor, as Dave was in competition with many applicants all around the state of Ohio.

We know you'll do us proud, Dave!  Thank you for devoting your time for the betterment of our profession!

When Sellers Remove Items From The House

Sometimes there are items that have sentimental value to the seller or may be gifts or heirlooms, and the seller wants to take these things with them when they move.  Any items such as these that are 'attached' to the house should be removed and/or replaced as part of the process of preparing the home to sell.

Remember that in most purchase agreements (the one that most Realtors® use locally is the Youngstown-Columbiana Association of Realtors® approved agreement) items that are 'attached' are included with the purchase unless specifically noted on the agreement.  See the attachment to this blog post for the actual language on the YCAR Purchase Agreement.

Bottom line:  Sellers should remove or replace items that they want to take with them PRIOR to putting the house on the market.  You never know what the buyer may fall in love with . . . a beautiful chandelier . . . a great front door . . . the garden . . . and trying to remove or replace them after the buyer saw them can be a 'deal killer'.   Deal Killer: When Sellers Try to Take Too Much -  Ever hear the one about the sellers who wanted to take the whole kitchen with them when they moved? Here’s why you need to make sure you... [NAR Daily News]