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Here's What Buyers Need to Know About Building Permits

As a home buyer, one of the most frustrating things that can happen during your search is discovering that an otherwise perfect property contains unpermitted work. You might be tempted to simply ignore this issue, but doing so could set you up for even more problems down the road. Without the proper building permits, your local government can impose fines, prevent you from selling the home in the future, and even force you to tear down the unpermitted structures. Luckily, you can avoid these issues entirely by performing your due diligence on any home before signing the purchase agreement. Keep reading to learn what buyers need to know about building permits.

Lighten Up! 7 Great Home Lighting Tricks

A dim room can darken your entire attitude, especially when you know that the weather outside is bright and sunny. No matter how stylish and functional it is otherwise, a room with poor lighting can never reach its full potential. Besides being more convenient in general, a well-lit room will make colors pop, raise your mood, and make cleaning much easier. You might think that your only hope is to install more fixtures, but that process can be both annoying and expensive. Luckily, there are a wide range of lighting tricks that can quickly brighten any room!

Save Water and Money with These Tips

It seems as though every year is filled with stories about areas that are facing new, crippling droughts. As water continues to become a more and more valuable resource, many people are looking for simple and effective ways to reduce the amount that they use on a daily basis. Plus, reducing your water consumption doesn't just help with conservation efforts; it also has the direct benefit of decreasing your utility bills! By implementing this short list of home upgrades, you can drastically decrease your water use.