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Why Are Ohio Homeowners Not Selling?

In its fourth annual Ohio REALTOR Housing Confidence Survey, the Ohio Association of REALTORS asked 1,500 members why potential sellers are deciding not to put their homes on the market. Over these four years, from November of 2012 to May of 2015, there have been startling changes in the reasons for this decision.

In 2012, the most common reason for not selling was that homeowners were waiting to sell for a higher price, with 59% selecting this response. The next most common answer, concerns about the economy, came in a close second with 56%.

2015 Housing Market May Be Best Since 2006

The halfway point of 2015 is almost here, and if housing trends continue, this year could mark the best since the height of the real estate bubble in 2006. New home sales and pending home sales in April rose 26% and 14% respectively from last year. In fact, home sales are projected to reach nearly 6 million, on par with the first year of decline in 2007. However, the numbers being seen now are not signs of another bubble, according to realtor.com's Jonathan Smoke. Instead, this year's market is being driven by the more than 3 million jobs created in the last 12 months. Of those, more than 1 million have been in the 25- to 34-year-old age range, where most first-time home buyers fall.

Best Landscaping Projects to Add Value to Your Home

Whether it is installing new windows or finishing a basement, your home can benefit from many different improvement projects. However, one of the most important investments you can make as a homeowner is in your house's landscaping. Beautiful landscaping not only adds value to your home, but also makes it stand out to potential buyers by boosting its curb appeal. In fact, good landscaping can raise the value of a house by 28%, and upgrading existing landscaping from good to excellent can reap rewards of 6-7%. Here are some of the most crucial components to amazing landscaping!