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What Mortgage Options are Available That Fit You Best?

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau website has really great tools to help home buyers understand the mortgage process, what interest rates are available for borrowers in similar situations, and how to shop around to find the best financing program for your needs.

Learn how your choice of mortgage affects the amount you’ll pay, what options are best for your situation, and how to get the best deal.  Learn more about loan options here.

Use their tool to check interest rates for your unique situation.  

The CFPB website is a good place to start when learning about buying and financing a home. It's a site for consumers, and they are not selling you anything . . . simply providing helpful information to people who want to understand the mortgage process and their options.

Of course, we're here to help with all your questions, so contact us anytime for assistance. We have been helping buyers buy and sellers sell for 50 years!  We can help you!

Monthly Mortgage Payments Are Becoming More Affordable

The monthly mortgage payment made by the typical home owner is becoming more affordable, according to information from real estate data firm CoreLogic. The “typical mortgage payment”, or the monthly principal-and-interest payment on the nation’s median-priced home, fell year-over-year again this June after doing so for the first time in nearly three years in May. What's behind this welcome increase in affordability? A combination of falling mortgage interest rates, slowing home price growth, and rising income among buyers.

Clean Your Chimney, Avoid a House Fire

You might not want to think about it, but the cold winds of winter will be here again before you know it. If that fact inspires dreams of cozy nights spent next to the fire, ask yourself this important question: when was the last time you had your chimney cleaned? Although it's easy to ignore throughout the year, your fireplace could be the source of major disaster if not properly maintained. Keep reading to learn about how you can keep your home and family safe during the upcoming winter by having your chimney inspected now.