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Thinking of Adding an Outdoor Kitchen? You Aren't Alone

If you have dreams of adding an outdoor kitchen to your backyard, then you aren't alone. This home feature may once have seemed like something for only luxury homes, but in recent years it has become a hot design trend for homeowners across the country. In fact, the latest Home Design Trends Survey on kitchens from the American Institute of Architects found that "outdoor kitchens" was the kitchen feature which respondents most felt was increasing in popularity, beating out options such as "open to household living space" and "wine refrigerator/storage". In other words, the strong majority of architects believe that the feature is becoming more popular, and this popularity is still on the upswing, having gained 4 percentage points from the previous survey.

Adding Curb Appeal Doesn't Have to Be Expensive

Once you form a first impression of something, it will color your entire perception of that thing going forward. This is true regardless of what you're seeing for the first time, whether it be a person, a movie, or even a house! Recognizing this fact, a smart seller will always do whatever they can to improve their home's first impression by boosting its curb appeal. Your goal is simple: make potential buyers want your home as soon as they lay eyes on it! Luckily, adding curb appeal doesn't have to be an expensive and time-consuming process; in fact, Realtor.com has some simple suggestions that can get the job done for less than $200!

What Do Buyers Want in a Bathroom?

What do buyers want? It might seem like a simple question, but it can make you rip out your hair if you're trying to prepare your home to sell. Luckily, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) creates their "What Home Buyers Really Want" report each year to help sellers all across the country find the answers they need. In this post, you can read a quick overview of the most-desired features in one of the most commonly-renovated areas of any home: the bathroom!