Home Buying

Buyers, Don't Get Hung Up On These Simple Fixes

When looking for a new place to call home, you should always focus on the things that you can't change (or can't change easily). The location, price, size, and serious repairs fall into the category of factors that should be potential deal breakers. Unfortunately, buyers often get stuck on cosmetic issues, even though they are relatively simple to fix. This might sound surprising, but things like unpleasant colors or fixtures can be hard to ignore since they are integral to forming a first impression of the house. Here are some of the minor issues that are most difficult for buyers to overlook, along with a reality check.

Smoking Indoors Can Massively Reduce a Home's Value

After months of searching for the perfect home, you finally find one that checks all the boxes: great location, lots of curb appeal, and a price that seems too good to be true! In fact, it isn't until the front door swings open and you catch a whiff of cigarettes that you realize why the price is so low. Rates of smoking may have fallen dramatically in the last several decades, but there are still thousands of hopeful buyers who encounter this exact situation every year. According to the CDC, 15.5% of U.S. adults were active smokers in 2016, which means that there are about 38 million potential home sellers who could be lighting up right now. If you are one of these smokers, you might be interested in learning just how much smoking inside reduces the resale value of your home. Plus, this post lists some of the methods that smokers and nonsmokers alike might want to employ in an attempt to rid their home of that distinctive smell.

Ask the Seller These Questions Before Moving In

You've done it; the perfect home is all yours! Once everything has been agreed upon and you are ready to close, it might be tempting to switch to autopilot until it's time to move in. However, every house has small things that you can't learn from a home inspection or walk-through. Rather than find out that a window sticks only after the rain has started to blow in, why not ask the seller for a few insider tips before they depart for good? Here are some good questions that you should ask during the final walk-through or closing.