Home Buying

Buyers, Don't Get Hung Up On These Simple Fixes

When looking for a new place to call home, you should always focus on the things that you can't change (or can't change easily). The location, price, size, and serious repairs fall into the category of factors that should be potential deal breakers. Unfortunately, buyers often get stuck on cosmetic issues, even though they are relatively simple to fix. This might sound surprising, but things like unpleasant colors or fixtures can be hard to ignore since they are integral to forming a first impression of the house. Here are some of the minor issues that are most difficult for buyers to overlook, along with a reality check.

Upsizing? Fill the Space the Right Way

What do first-time home buyers upgrading from an apartment and existing home owners finally leaving that starter home have in common? They both often find themselves dealing with a case of upsizing! All that extra square footage seems like a dream come true in your mind, but once you unpack you may realize that your (relatively) meager belongings can't possibly fill all the new space. Here are some tips for making that cavernous house feel cozy (without filling it with random purchases).

Beware These 4 Overlooked Homebuying Expenses

If you're currently looking to buy a home, then you probably know that you need to save money for closing costs. Usually totaling between 2% and 5% of the purchase price, closing costs include various fees, such as title, lender, and appraisal, that are required to seal the deal on the home purchase. However, many buyers fail to budget for additional costs that are incurred during the buying process. Stay on top of things by expecting the (often) unexpected.