When Should I List My Home?

If you're thinking about putting your home on the market, then you've probably also wondered about when the best time to do so might be. Although your first thoughts might have been about properly timing the market conditions over years or months, there is a surprisingly potent effect when it comes to the specific day of the week on which you decide to list your home! In fact, choosing to list on the optimal day of the week results in thousands of dollars in additional profit and several fewer days spent on the market on average. So which day is best? According to a new study by the brokerage Redfin, Thursday is the perfect time for your listing to go live!

Which Home Features Will Maximize Your Sale's Speed and Price?

Everyone knows that one of the best parts of owning your own home is the ability to renovate the space to be exactly how you want it! If you think you're in your forever home, then feel free to throw caution to the wind; however, if you expect to sell the home at some point, then you might want to focus on upgrades that both you and future owners can enjoy. Of course, not everyone has the same taste, so analyzed more than one million single-family home listings to find which features were most associated with both a high price and a short time spent on the market. This list offers a glimpse into the best ways to upgrade your home while still appealing to plenty of buyers!

Should I Ignore Refinancing Offers?

If you've been ignoring offers to refinance your mortgage, then you aren't alone. Many homeowners fail to refinance their loan, even though doing so could save them significant money by reducing their interest rate. In fact, researchers at Columbia Business School found that the majority of homeowners who received refinancing preapproval applications through the Home Affordable Refinance Program chose not to apply. How much did this decision cost them? According to the article, approximately $9,000 in interest savings!