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It's Cold Outside . . . Keep Your Pets Safe!

Common sense tells us to keep our pets inside as much as possible during the really cold days and nights.

Of course, tolerance for the cold varies from pet to pet, but when it's this cold outside it's safe to assume that long exposure to the out-of-doors is unsafe for any pet, regardless of their tolerance.

Take some cold weather safety tips from the American Veterinary Medical Association to keep all your pets safe.

How Can You Raise Your Credit Score?

Read the linked post to learn some valuable information about what makes up your credit score, and to get some really good advice on what you can do to raise your score so you can qualify for the best mortgage rates.

Generally a score of 640 and above will be acceptable for FHA financing, as long as your income and expenses qualify you for the payment.  But in order to get the best rates and terms and be in a position to pick and choose, your score needs to be higher.  Talk to your lender to be sure where you stand. 

10 Ways to Raise Your Credit Score 100 Points in 2015 - (TNS)—It’s important to get your credit score as high as possible if you want to qualify for the best loans and credit. Many lenders don’t even look at your credit report; they stop at your credit score. FICO credit scores range between 350 and 850, with 850 being the very best score you can get. […] [Daily Real Estate News]

What Mortgage Options are Available That Fit You Best?

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has a new website with new tools to help home buyers understand the mortgage process, what interest rates are available for borrowers in similar situations, and how to shop around to find the best financing program for your needs.

Learn how your choice of mortgage affects the amount you’ll pay, what options are best for your situation, and how to get the best deal.  Learn more about loan options here.

Use their new tool to check interest rates for your unique situation.  

The CFPB website is a good place to start when learning about buying and financing a home.  Of course, we're here to help with all your questions, so contact us anytime for assistance.