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‘Green’ Features Influence Home Buyers' Purchasing Decisions

More buyers and home owners are ranking energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly home features high in surveys.  

When placing your home on the market, be sure to give your agent a list of all the 'green' energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly features you have in your home.  These features do make a difference for buyers, and may cause your home to sell faster and for more money.  

You can also realize considerable savings on your monthly utility bills.

Here is a list of some easy steps you can take to make your home more 'green'.

Ignore Media Pessimism on Housing -- It's Better Than Its Been For a Decade!

Sometimes the media misinterprets data, perhaps by looking at short-term numbers, or the effects of seasonality, or it may be that they just don't have a good grasp of the housing industry overall and how things work.  

The housing market is actually better than it’s been in nearly 10 years.  It has been slowly but surely correcting itself.  Short term ups and downs do not make trends.  They are normal.

Now that Spring is here (well, almost), more homeowners will put their homes on the market.  We're expecting a robust Spring and Summer selling season this year.  Remember that rising housing prices are good for everyone.  Existing home owners tend to move up when their home values go up, due to increases in their equity, which then provides more opportunities for buyers.

Check out what one expert economist has to say.  Media Pessimism on Housing is UnwarrantedWhile news reports about a dip in the housing market abound, one economist explains why they’ve got it all wrong.  [NAR Daily News]

Get to Know Youngstown Ohio

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