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3 Simple Strategies for a (Nearly) Perfect Credit Score

If you have a credit score of 850, then congratulations! You are one of the just 1.4% of Americans who have climbed to the fabled plateau of the "perfect score". Luckily for the other 98.6% of us, a perfect score isn't really necessary for getting the best interest rates on mortgages. In fact, a score of 760 is typically the lower limit for banks to offer you the best rates. Although 760 can still seem impossible if you have struggled with your credit in the past, a few simple tips can quickly right the ship and get you back on track.

What's Stopping Some Millennials from Buying Homes?

Millennials, or those who are currently between the ages of 23 and 38, now represent the largest living generation in the United States. Although the generation is well-known for growing up amidst the rise of the internet and coming of age during the Great Recession, one of their most talked about aspects is their lower rates of homeownership. Indeed, compared to the baby boomers and gen Xers when they were the same age, millennials own homes at a rate that is around 8 percentage points lower. In order to ascertain the reasons for this decrease, financial website LendEDU asked 1,000 millennials a variety of questions about their experience, or lack thereof, with the home buying process. Keep reading to learn about some of the factors that are holding back young adults from taking the plunge into real estate.

Ask the Seller These Questions Before Moving In

Congratulations, you've landed your dream home! Once everything has been agreed upon and you are ready to close, it might be tempting to switch to autopilot until it's time to move in. However, every house has small things that you can't learn from a home inspection or walk-through. Rather than find out that a window sticks only after the rain has started to blow in, why not ask the seller for a few insider tips before they depart for good? Here are some good questions that you should ask during the final walk-through or closing.