What Prep Work Should I Do Before the Movers Arrive?

With all the planning, packing, transporting, and unpacking that takes place, no one can deny that moving is stressful. Hiring professionals to come in and take care of the more demanding physical work can go a long way toward making the process easier for all involved; however, hiring pros doesn't mean that you should just sit back and relax the whole time. In reality, there is important prep work that you should complete before the movers even arrive if you want everything to go off without a hitch. Keep reading to learn about a few of the things you should do to prepare for the day of the move.

1. Sequester kids and pets

The last thing you want is a small child or pet getting underfoot while the movers are carrying something heavy. This can not only result in damage to a dropped item, but also result in injury to the mover, child, and/or pet. Before the movers arrive, make sure that your little ones are either out of the house or contained in an area that the movers don't need to access.

2. Clear a path

Anything that obstructs your old or new home's entrances will result in a slower, more difficult move. Before the movers arrive, make sure that the entryways are clear of clutter (on both sides of the door) and that the driveway has a clear spot for the moving truck. If you live in an apartment building with limited space for a large moving truck, then you might want to think about a good spot for it ahead of time. You can also let your building manager and/or neighbors know about the obstruction beforehand so they won't get caught unaware if their car is blocked in.

3. Measure tight fits

You should measure whether large pieces of furniture will fit through a doorway ahead of time, rather than have the movers waste time trying to figure it out during the move. If something is close, then you can let the pros try to squeeze it through; on the other hand, if you know something is too big, disassemble it before they arrive.

These are just three of the most important prep steps for a smooth move. To read about more things you should do before the movers arrive, check out this article on Realtor.com.