Upsizing? Fill the Space the Right Way

What do first-time home buyers upgrading from an apartment and existing home owners finally leaving that starter home have in common? They both often find themselves dealing with a case of upsizing! All that extra square footage seems like a dream come true in your mind, but once you unpack you may realize that your (relatively) meager belongings can't possibly fill all the new space. Here are some tips for making that cavernous house feel cozy (without filling it with random purchases).

Don't Immediately Fill the Space With Purchases

When you realize that you have extra space in the new house, your first thought might be to head to the store and stock up on cheap furniture and space-filling knick-knacks. Whatever you do, resist this urge! Cheap, hastily-bought furniture will often prove to be of poor quality, or stand out as not matching the other pieces in the room. Remember, it's alright to leave the space sparse for a few weeks after moving while you get a feel for the layout you want. 

Carefully Consider Furniture Placement

A classic mistake that any homeowner can make is to push all their furniture up against the walls of a large room. The effect of doing this is that the room feels empty and wasted. Instead, buy inexpensive area rugs and place furniture around them. By forming these defined areas, you can effectively break up a large room into several smaller, more functional living spaces.

Decorate Wisely

In order to make the space feels cozy and lived-in, selectively purchase space-filling pieces that can provide character to an empty wall or corner. Note: this does not mean "fill every sqaure inch with knick-knacks"! If a piece can be both decorative and functional, all the better! Examples include coat racks near the entryway, a large mirror to break-up the monotony of the wall, or a large vase to hold flowers.

To learn more about dealing with upsizing, check out Zillow's article, "Your New, Bigger Space: 5 Ways to Win at Upsizing Your Home".