You Might Want to Rethink Your Passwords

Everyone who has ever had to make an online account knows the struggle: you go to make a password, but the site has its own specific rules that make remembering the password impossible (things like upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters). Of course, you probably already have a password that fits most of these rules from a different account, so you alter it by a character or two and try every combination when you inevitably forget it. Add forced password changes into the mix and soon you find yourself lost in a sea of random letters and numbers. Now, the man who originally came up with this system for password security admits that we can be both more secure and more user friendly by making a simple change: use passphrases instead.

Buyers, Don't Get Hung Up On These Simple Fixes

When looking for a new place to call home, you should always focus on the things that you can't change (or can't change easily). The location, price, size, and serious repairs fall into the category of factors that should be potential deal breakers. Unfortunately, buyers often get stuck on cosmetic issues, even though they are relatively simple to fix. This might sound surprising, but things like unpleasant colors or fixtures can be hard to ignore since they are integral to forming a first impression of the house. Here are some of the minor issues that are most difficult for buyers to overlook, along with a reality check.

Check Out the Youngstown Italian Fest August 4-6

A local tradition returns on August 4th with the 32nd annual Greater Youngstown Italian Fest! The three-day festival will feature over 40 restaurant and food vendors, over 2 dozen retail craft vendors, the Miss Italian Fest Beauty Pageant, and even a pasta eating contest! There is almost limitless entertainment to be had right in the middle of downtown with the Italian Fest!