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Celebrate Fall at White House Fruit Farm

Summer is winding down and many of us are looking forward to the cooler weather of Autumn. Of course, White House Fruit Farm is beautiful in any season, which is why you should come celebrate the fall with them! Starting in September, White House will be hosting their Fall Celebration Weekends, which are packed with fun activities for the whole family. Plus, be sure to check out their Pumpkin Pavilion & Gift Barn while you're there!

Enjoy These Outdoor Events This August

Football season has almost begun, which means the end of summer is fast approaching. Before fall arrives, take advantage of the warm weather by checking out some of the many outdoor events happening around the Mahoning Valley this month! There are plenty of local traditions both new and old happening soon, so don't miss out!

Save Thousands by Raising Your Credit Score

It turns out that there's a good reason for everyone's fixation with raising their credit score. A recent study sought to prove the value of a great score by quantifying the savings available to borrowers with higher scores. Although many people are simply concerned with having a high enough score to qualify for the loans that they need, the study by LendingTree showed that there are approximately 29,000 reasons to want the best score. That's because that's the amount of money you could save on mortgage debt alone by raising your score from "fair" to "very good"!