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By the Numbers: New Housing in 2017

Each year, the Census Bureau compiles a report detailing the national trends in new home construction for the previous year, appropriately titled "Characteristics of New Housing". The 841-page document is filled to the brim with statistics on everything from the material used on exterior walls to the type of parking available at multi-family residences. Luckily, you won't have to read the whole report to learn some interesting facts; for instance, the number of new homes completed in 2017 reached the highest annual level since the Great Recession! What other trends were observed in new homes built last year? Keep reading to find out!

Join the Amazing History Race Through the Mahoning Valley

Do you love scavenger hunts? The Mahoning Valley Historical Society does too, which is why they created the Amazing History Race! You and your competitors will travel around the local area, racing to be the first to discover all of the hunt's local landmarks and get back to the finish line. Afterward, enjoy a party downtown to celebrate the Valley's history!

Hands on History Open Houses

This summer, spend some time learning about the amazing history of the Mahoning Valley during the Hands on History Open Houses in Youngstown! These great events are happening throughout June, July, and August at the Tyler History Center and the Arms Family Museum in Youngstown!